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TrustStar is powered by Sensa
Tecnotree - the trusted AI company
A personalized data experience like no other in the mortgage industry.

Listing TrendPersonalized & Actionable Data

Market Intelligence technology aggregates, organizes, and pushes relevant insights based on your NMLS to empower mortgage professionals.

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Discover and match with new realtors in your market.

Listing TrendRealtor Match

Your Personalized Data allows us to deliver referral partner matches so you can effectively and efficiently network to build new relationships.

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Develop an engagement funnel for prospective referral partners.

Listing TrendReferral Partner Pipeline

Building relationships with new referral partners can be time consuming. TrustStar helps you prioritize by loan volume, quantity, and listings to create a dynamic prospective referral list so you can optimize your prospecting time.

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Unlock revenue and new opportunities with actionable insights and trends
With TrustStar, you proactively respond to real-time data that is impacting your business to gain a competitive edge in your marketplace.


Award Winning Technology

Start everyday with insights and alerts to . . .

  • Local market trends
  • Realtor Match
  • Monitor Top Realtors
  • Lender competition activity
  • Highlight mortgage applications
  • Monitor Loan Product originations
  • Monitor Fair Lending practices
  • Lender competition activity
TrustStar pushes notifications to alert you to the most relevant information; empowering you to take immediate action and give you a competitive edge..
CRA Product OpportuntiesRealtor

Understand potential impacts of market indicators for your current and projected market demographics, Get alerted and investigate opportunities to connect and build relationships.

Listing trendsListing

Discover potential impact on affordability for current and projected market demographics on housing inventory by county, state, and national levels.

competitor watchCompetitor

Receive alerts when a competitor increases activity in one of your local markets.

Fair Lending AlertFair Lending

Receive alerts when new fair lending risks are discovered to reduce legal liability and heightened penalties.

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competitor watchCRA Product

Identify opportunities to win business that can be credit towards CRA compliance.

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Listing trendsProduct

Match borrowers with best products based on understanding location, housing, and financial goals.

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competitor watchBorrower

Identify housing demands based on neighborhoods, county, city, and state to manage product/market fit.

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CRA Product OpportuntiesLender
Leader Board

A consolidated report indicating growth in members, revenue, and AUM of financial institutions.

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TrustStar is powered by Tecnotree's trusted AI technology

Tecnotree pioneered the concept of "Trusted AI", paving the way for responsible Enterprise AI development worldwide.

Backed by more than 170 patents, Tecnotree is revolutionizing how organizations across industries engage with customers, optimize services and deliver on bottom line goals—all while protecting them from business risk.


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