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TrustStar is the first tool of its kind. It provides mortgage loan officers with real-time market intelligence in the form of an easy to use web-based application. With TrustStar, mortgage loan officers can prospect with precision, identify current market opportunities, and drive personalized, actionable insights. 

Every loan officer will gain a new understanding of their performance and activity, such as licensing, location, loan products sold, property types, and the referral partners they work with daily. My realtors highlights the referral partners associated with each mortgage loan officer. These real-time insights provide an in-depth look at how your personal network is performing. TrustStar contextualizes specific, actionable insights for each loan officer - providing them a personalized experience to identify new markets, realtors, and opportunities to close more loans. Top Trending is a differentiating capability of TrustStar that matches loan officers in real-time with a curated list of buyer agents. TrustStar’s heatmap is a dynamic tool that helps mortgage professionals discover opportunities down to the neighborhood. There is something powerful that happens when your opportunities are made visual. TrustStar’s location feature helps loan officers Identify supply, demand, and affordability down to the county level. TrustStar’s watchlist feature enables loan officers to monitor a personalized and curated list of realtors, real estate offices, and locations.

TrustStar is powered by CognitiveScale’s Cortex AI Platform. The Cortex AI Platform is backed by over 110 AI patents and holds the 4th largest AI patent portfolio behind the likes of IBM, Microsoft and Google.

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