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Driving Business Value with Personalized Mortgage Insights

TrustStar is a dynamic market intelligence web application powered by CognitiveScale’s Cortex AI designed to help mortgage professionals track real estate trends, monitor competition, and manage compliance challenges. These powerful insights allow mortgage loan officers to take immediate action to stay ahead of the competition and grow their business.

The following highlights Rohan Kothare’s experience using TrustStar as a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with First United Bank and Trust. First United Bank is a progressive and innovative community banking organization. By virtue of its growth from a single unit bank into a multi- community banking enterprise, First United is categorized as a “Super Community Bank.”

As one of the largest banking organizations in the Southwest, First United focuses on retail and community banking, targeting consumers and small-to-mid-sized businesses within its market areas. Rohan agreed to participate in a pilot program to provide insights into TrustStar’s value proposition and how dynamic market intelligence can impact business productivity and efficiencies. This is what Rohan had to say:

Driving Business Value with Personalized Mortgage Insights


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