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Thought Leaders for Data Management

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Mortgage Industry Thought Leaders for Data Management

Helping the mortgage industry take action with market intel.

What does it take to be a thought leader in an industry? Big ideas? The mortgage industry has several thought leaders covering every aspect of the mortgage process, but TrustStar is working to help mortgage loan officers and executives understand their data better. Understanding the data is only the beginning; the power of information enables you to identify where you stand in the market, manage time, and make better business decisions. Many data companies will sell you every variable and data point you can conceive, but not very many that will help you formulate a plan of action to capture those opportunities. Data is big business in the mortgage industry, but having these insights cannot provide the resources you need without a complete picture.

TrustStar broke into the mortgage industry in May 2022 and has received several acknowledgments by the mortgage industry as a thought leader. TrustStar’s easy-to-use, personalized data application allows mortgage loan officers and executives to discover what they are missing in their market. They can now formulate a strategy to address their weakness, find opportunities, and even build new relationships that match their performance.

Scotsman Guide has recently published an article in August 2022, written by our very own Alex Levi, discussing how mortgage loan officers need direction when navigating the complexities of data. “Mortgage originators need to find a source of relevant data that allows them to build a practical and actionable strategy,” notes Alex Levi. (Scotsman Guide)

In September, TrustStar will demo its application at Digital Mortgage Conference in Las Vegas to continue to guide mortgage loan officers and their leaders on how to use data to grow a business and sell more loans. Matt Sanchez will lead the charge to help the mortgage industry understand the ins and outs of artificial intelligence and its robust application to their business.

The mortgage industry needs leaders and influencers with a new vision and approach to grow in this new era of home ownership. Mortgage Loan Officers no longer need branch managers or data consultants to receive good intel on their market. They don’t have to wait to be told what to do. However, they do need technology to empower their actions and leaders that are willing to go over and above the norms. Followers without leadership are best described as a group of people just taking a walk. Data is complex and building a strategy can be challenging as well. TrustStar is committed to providing that guidance and positioning the mortgage professionals to be well informed to grow their business.


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