TrustStar Makes Massive Impression

TrustStar’s first mortgage conference experience

Las Vegas is the host of a million conventions every year, and the mortgage industry is no exception.  TrustStar’s marketing and sales team intensely prepared to demonstrate the TrustStar application for the first time in an open forum to be evaluated by industry leaders in the mortgage space.  The demo must be 8 minutes and identify the problem, and solution, all while showcasing a collection of features that will wow the room.  The judges set up in American Idol fashion provided praise and criticism to each of the 30+ technology companies that demonstrated their recent innovations to date.

As we watched Alex Levi and Matt Sanchez hit the stage, it was GO TIME!  The time flew by as Matt broke down the complexities of the most robust AI tech applications the mortgage industry has ever seen.  As the clock ran out, it was time for the judges to hit it with a thumbs up or down.

“Zooming in on realtors right now, from a UX and truly pragmatic standpoint, is super strong.

I love that it is highly automated and can be customized, and they can look at the stuff they want.”

Julian Hebron – The Basis Point

“I love that this is spot on for the purchase market, anytime you can get more visibility, more data, and more intelligence to push out on a dashboard is interesting.”   


The energy in the room shifted, and the booth in the exhibition showroom ran over with mortgage professionals, technologists, and other vendors clamoring to learn more about TrustStar.  In May 2022, TrustStar officially launched its AI-backed, intelligent application to help mortgage loan officers identify new referral partners and new areas of opportunity in their local markets.  The mortgage industry has responded in kind, and the icing on the cake – out of 33 companies that demonstrated at Digital Mortgage Conference, TrustStar placed 3rd.  National Mortgage News put out this release.

"Each year, National Mortgage News features a main-stage demo contest at our Digital Mortgage Conference, in which a three-judge panel offers reactions in real time to the latest software powering America's mortgage industry," said National Mortgage News editor-in-chief Heidi Patalano. "Products from this year's pack of 33 fintech companies are highly relevant to today's very tough market, since they aim to help lenders find and close more deals, underwrite loans faster and cheaper, and optimize business operations with real-time data. I offer huge congratulations to this year's top three winners: Roostify and TrustStar tied for third place, Simple Nexus won second place, and Total Expert won the 2022 contest, in addition to taking home a $15,000 prize from our demo contest partner, Lending Tree." 

In a couple of months, our technology has placed alongside giants in the mortgage technology space.  We are just getting started.  If you want to learn more about how TrustStar can help your mortgage loan officers improve their business right now – email sales@truststar.ai.

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