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Working with Competitor Watch

How Competitor Watch allows loan officers to understand lender activity in their local market.

Mortgage Lenders are working overtime to stay competitive in this new market. From products, to rates, and other incentives to drive in new business, every mortgage company is working to find an angle to help them stay in business and grow. Mortgage lenders are looking for new markets to enter and dominate. So, understanding this activity will be imperative to stay ahead.

Working with Competitor Watch

Competitor Watch is a TrustStar feature that uses data to curate a list of lender competitors in your local area to track their activity. From the realtors they work with, to products, and origination volume, Competitor Watch allows loan officers to understand what they are up against in their local market.

Loan Officers need to know what they are fighting against to put the best foot forward. If a LO knows which competitors a referral partner is sending their clients to; loan officers can now craft their loan offering to beat the competition. Loan officers must know when they are not competitive in the local market. This way adjustments can be made to bring in products or focus on relevant opportunities. All sports teams study game tape of their competitors before the big game. Competitor Watch is the game tape to help loan officers prepare for battle.

  • Personalized data identifies competitive lenders in local markets
  • Identify lender activity – products, origination volume, loan size
  • Identify lender trends in your local market
  • Effortless set up to receive alerts on lender activity
  • Be efficient by crafting your loan offering and stay competitive

Competitor Watch is a resource that is updated without any effort and is pushed to the loan officer daily. TrustStar will constantly provide new information about lenders that enter the local market. Enterprise level executives can leverage Competitor Watch to identify opportunities in new markets. Find the real opportunities to invest in new mortgage branches all over the US by understanding where the competition is doing business. Competitor Watch is a game changer for loan officers, and executives wishing to grow their business. Watch the tape, and get ready for the game.


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