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Working with Listing Trends

Working with Listing Trends

How Listing Trends is Helping Loan Officers Understand their Housing Market.

Home ownership demand continues to rise, despite home inventory being at an all-time low. Homes receive multiple offers from prospective home buyers to compete for the final sale. Understanding the landscape of home listings in your local market is imperative to provide your customers with the best opportunity to own a home.

Listing Trends is a TrustStar feature that pulls from several data sources, organizes and provides daily insights on the most recent home listings. Personalized Data allows TrustStar to curate data to a loan officer’s specified and targeted locations to help them be ahead of the curve.

Loan officers now can help their realtor partners provide clients with the most up to date home listings data so they can get ahead of the competition. Be the first to see a home, be the first to make an offer, and close the deal. Everyone wins. The power of this data positions loan officers to understand which areas, and locations are trending in what direction. Lastly, loan officers can understand which realtors are trending so they can decisively build new relationships and help current partners be more competitive.

  • Personalized data curates home listings in your local market daily
  • Identify home listing trends by area and neighborhoods
  • Identify realtor trends in your local market
  • Effortless set up to receive alerts on data that matters the most
  • Actionable data to help loan officers, referral partners, and borrowers

Listing Trends is a powerful resource that is updated without any effort and is pushed to the loan officer daily. You can identify the information that is the most important and receive alerts to stay informed. In this new real estate market, information is the key to winning, reaching your sales goals and helping your partners, clients, and borrowers achieve their dream of home ownership. Listing Trends is there to empower loan officers with this data and make the difference.


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