Working with Realtor Watch

Working with Realtor Watch

How Realtor Watch helps loan officers understand their current book of business and build new relationships in their local market.

The mortgage industry is getting back to the basics. From Loan officers beginning their careers to seasoned LO’s, the need to build new relationships with realtor partners has become top priority. Scanning Zillow to find realtors to grab a coffee to “sell your value” is a timely endeavor that can be challenging for everyone. New relationships start somewhere, but ideally the best engagements begin by finding a common ground.

Realtor Watch is a TrustStar feature that uses personalized loan officer data to curate a realtors list to track their activity in a local market. From historical data to recent activity, product types, locations, and lenders used, Realtor Watch allows you to understand what realtors are doing in your backyard.

Loan Officers can truly engage referral partners in a whole new way with Realtor Watch. If you are just starting in the mortgage industry or adding to your book of business, personalized data will curate a list of real estate agents that match your business priorities. Loan officers can make specific value propositions based on the knowledge of both business parties to have productive meetings about working together. Build a pipeline of referral partners to prospect, and grow your business.

  • Personalized data identifies realtors in your local market
  • Identify realtor activity – home listings, products, and lenders used
  • Identify realtor trends in your local market
  • Effortless setup to receive alerts on realtor activity
  • Be efficient by building realtor pipeline to grow your business

Realtor Watch is a resource that is updated without any effort and is pushed to the loan officer daily. Identify the realtors that you believe match your business practice and over time TrustStar will continue to provide insights into realtors that match those criteria. A loan officer’s book of business is their bread and butter. Understanding your book and how to enhance your relationships is how loan officers will grow in this new market. Realtor Watch provides that assistance and will be a part of every Monday morning sales meeting in the future.


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